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Weight: 1.1 ounce, including the captive screw

            (equivalent to about 7 sheets of paper)

Size: 2.375" x 1.5"


Each plate includes hex wrench & pouch.

   (Extra hex wrench available for $1 each)



  • Compatible with Arca-Swiss style quick release (QR) clamps
    • Carved pockets on the bottom side provide additional compatibility for clamps with detent pins (Acratech) and spring loaded plate stopper (Markins)
  • High Strength
    • Made with 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, heat treated for high tensile strength (45,000 PSI) and yield strength (40,000 PSI)
    • Stainless steel captive screw with hex head
  • Anodized, matte black finish
    • Enhances the finish hardness while minimizing unintended light reflection
  • Versatile
    • One plate fits multiple camera models
    • Extra 1/4"-20 screw hole on the bottom side


QR Plate, P1


    Plate, P1DS     $40





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