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    All items are made in Oregon.  They will will be shipped worldwide with a flat shipping rate of $5.


Development Process

This third iteration of the plate adds a "lip" to prevent the camera from twisting on the plate.

Plate on a "diet" - With more design and machining, the plate becomes much lighter (1.1 ounce!).  A solid plate is easier to fabricate, but will make the camera heavier with no other benefit.  Photographers pay almost $7 per ounce of weight savings (difference between aluminum and carbon fiber tripods).  The light plate is rigid, because of the reinforced structural design.

Fourth iteration.  Matte finish is added.  Also added an extra 1/4"-20 screw hole on the bottom.  With the extra screw hole, camera can be mounted on monopods or accessories with 1/4" screw, wihtout taking the plate off.



      4th Iteration vs. Final Product



                                             Bottom View of the Final Product

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